The Kalyani School: 5 Reasons why you need to open your mind to virtual classrooms

The Kalyani School

The Kalyani School has been established with the view that education is the soul of the society. It is the kindling of an eternal flame that represents the light of spirit, knowledge and victory.

The state-of-the-art technology provided by virtual classroom learning, stems from the understanding that visual mediums are an effective means of facilitating learning among students. For instance, when you see motion pictures where words are spoken in an environment or captured in a snappy melody, the visuals cannot escape your mind. Similarly, the benefits of visual learning are incorporated into virtual classroom learning, transformed into virtual learning channels, to help you retain your thoughts and ideas better. Studies suggest that learning through online channels and interactive school allows holding in of more than 85% of the information.
Virtual learning also helps students of all age levels to make strides in understanding and achieving new skills. Hence, while schools are under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some good CBSE schools, like The Kalyani School, are conducting virtual classes to ensure students’ don’t miss out on their education.
In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of virtual classrooms and why they are our best bet in the ‘new normal’ world.

Delivers A More Customised Way Of Studying
Virtual learning encourages students to study at their speed and time. Digital learning platforms empower teachers to teach everywhere and anywhere, regardless of the geological area. New concepts and courses are brought to life by virtual learning platforms, thereby being introduced well and decreasing the chances of any miscommunication.

The Restriction of Distance Bridges
The digital school experience helps students meet their learning goals while maintaining a healthy bond with their families. When the world as a whole is grappling with the condition of a pandemic, interactive classes have become a reward for students and knowledge-seekers while also remaining socially remote.

Extending Diversity and Global Visibility
Digital learning programmes captivate the interest of students all around the world, where they exchange their experiences, enriching the diversity quotient. Digital classrooms can include peer tasks, community projects, and collective teamwork.

Structured Learning
You can sign-in on the interactive classroom learning portal at any time. When you sign up on a virtual learning website (a platform, college, education, or university site), you have the facility to complete your coursework at your own pace. You will do your homework, get graded, and engage in debates on your own-one of the main advantages of interactive classes is the clear layout of the lessons.

Improves Learning Experience By Visualisation
Digital learning opportunities in interactive classrooms improve the learning environment of students. In addition to the graphical aspect of virtual learning environments, interactive classrooms offer instant input on tasks and assessments in a private inbox. The use of mind maps, graphs, PowerPoint displays and pictorial images in interactive classes imprint the subject matter in the minds of students, allowing them to remember better.

Online learning is the latest standard in schooling since humans have had to distance themselves due to the present pandemic. Digital online classroom learning platforms allow us to select and adapt our learning styles to suit our way of life. Over the years, the advances in augmented reality have improved our understanding of learning. It has also facilitated time and distance restrictions. The emergence of technology-driven virtual learning platforms that launch virtual learning programmes in virtual classrooms has changed the way we interact, learn and even adjust to our surroundings. Formal teaching approaches, informal training for classmates, and self-coordinated learning are the guiding factors behind immersive learning channels.
Hence, by applying to schooling, the leverage from digital learning like The Kalyani School has done, it has ensured that the learning process hasn’t been hindered. After all, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest!