World Central Kitchen’s work in India with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

In response to the surge of Covid cases across India, WCK has been preparing nutritious and comforting meals for healthcare staff working under incredibly difficult conditions. In early May - as India saw more than 400,000 infections a day - the WCK Relief Team joined Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to begin cooking in Mumbai. Our efforts quickly expanded to Ahmedabad and then Delhi, and we are now active in ten cities across India. WCK teams are serving 20,000 fresh meals daily to frontline hospital workers and to Covid quarantine centers.

In addition, as part of WCK’s ongoing philanthropic partnership with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s nonprofit Archewell Foundation, we are working together to support India’s urgent and immediate relief needs and helping to build resilience through the creation of a Community Relief Center in India. This new relief center will be established in Mumbai, which is also home to Myna Mahila, an Indian NGO focused on women’s health and employment opportunities, which The Duchess of Sussex has supported for many years.

“The meals we provide are healthy, nutritious and tasty. We began working on recipes and cyclic menus so food is not repetitive. It is not that when you get free food, you don't deserve good food. As chefs, we want to bring diligence, thought, and intelligence to the menu. We have to have local sensitivities in mind.”

“The frontline workers at hospitals are in an environment where the viral load is very high so we have to provide what is good for their health. The freshness of the food and vegetables are really important. Things rich in vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C are really important. We make sure there is fruit and use seasonal vegetables.” - Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.