Nokian Tyres joins the Polestar 0 project to create the first climate-neutral car

Nokian Tyres joins Polestar 0 project that aims to create a climate-neutral car by 2030. The electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar’s project targets to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions stemming from the production and end-of-life of the car. Nokian Tyres contributes to the project by developing climate-neutral premium tires.

According to the press release, The target of the Polestar 0 project is that throughout the car’s supply chain, manufacturing processes, and end of life, all sources of CO2 emissions will be eliminated without offsetting them. The approach encompasses collaboration across the entire development process and value chain, from suppliers to retailers. Each component has to be climate neutral, and so do their value chains.

To achieve breakthroughs, different stakeholders need to join their efforts and collaborate.

“This type of partnership is a perfect match when it comes to Nokian Tyres’ values, business and our ambitious work on sustainability,” says Teemu Soini, Head of Innovation and Development from Nokian Tyres.

“The collaboration, research and results achieved will have broader benefits also outside this project, as new ways of decreasing the carbon footprints of different business activities will be created. Some of them may be available already before 2030 where the project goal is set. For example, the tire innovations created during the Polestar 0 project will be utilized in Nokian Tyres’ products as soon as it is possible,” he continues.

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